I work with an attitude of openness and acceptance. This creates a compassionate, heart centred container, a holding space for you to be authentic and to feel safe to be exactly where you are. The safer you feel, the more open you will be and this will allow us to really get to the root of what is going on, especially if this is difficult or painful. It will also allow us to look at issues with more acceptance. To truly transform our deepest issues we need to get our awareness into them and meet them.

 All healing sessions begin with an initial period of discussion and consultation.  This will be seated, and I will typically ask you what it is that you would like to bring to work with in the session.  The healing is already beginning at this stage as awareness itself, both yours and mine, starts to bring light to what it is that will be worked on. As you talk, I will begin to use my intuitive and energetic senses to tune into your energy system, and I will begin to receive guidance and information. Sometimes, what is presented is what is on the surface, and what needs to be worked on is a deeper root that is causing the surface issue. In the course of the conversation we will develop specific intentions that will be the focus of the session.

Once we are clear on what to work on, I will ask you to lie down. If this is an 'in person' session that will be on a healing couch, fully clothed. I will apply gentle touch as I rest my hands on either your shoulders or feet. I will bring my own awareness into my heart and through surrender and focused intention the healing energies will channel into your energy system. The healing energies arise out of Divine presence, and so are guided by Divine intelligence. The intention of Divine presence is to heal and transform. So the healing energies will go exactly where they are needed and work to transform whatever is necessary and appropriate for you. 

I will encourage you to bring your own awareness to what we are working on. This will help the healing to go deeper and it can also give powerful insights that in themselves really help to shift how we view what is being worked on. When clients are more active in meeting their issues in a healing session, it helps them to be able to more actively meet them in their every day lives.  When the intentions of the session have been worked through, there is a natural conclusion. It is normal for the client to feel a deep sense of inner peace and inner harmony and a new found space and freedom from what has been worked on. People often feel deeply relaxed and have a sense of having been balanced and centred. They can more easily rest in their true essence.

At the end of the session there is an opportunity to discuss what you experienced and how you are feeling. I will give you any further guidance that I picked up from the session. I will also advise you on any life style choices that I feel will complement the work that we have done.

After a session some people can feel very different.  This occurs because they have been living their lives from a particular position and as that position breaks down, life must reorganise itself and live from a new position that will be more aligned with our essence and inner freedom.

"James' extensive therapeutic and energetic skills as a healer, along with his sensitive use of intuitive insight, provided a safe space that enabled me to finally get to the root of a difficult issue that i had been struggling with for many years. Almost immediately i experienced a deep sense of letting go as the tension in my system began to relax (physically, mentally and emotionally). It was like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders and was replaced by a profound sense of presence and grace. Following each session this experience of letting go and opening up to divine grace continued to deepen and i have been blessed by many epiphanies that i have been able to successfully apply to issues and events arising in life. I can thoroughly recommend James as a healer to work with and support you with you healing journey." T.H. Essex