The essential philosophy is that all of life is one, and yet it expresses itself as this amazing experience of creation and as many individuated forms. Most people experience themselves as being separate from everything else in creation and separate from the source of creation. Not only that but most of us have many emotional issues and positions that we identify with which further enforces the feeling of separation. These positions and issues distort our experience of reality, so that we end up believing that we are our thoughts and feelings and we forget that our true nature in its essence is pure freedom. The more we identify with our stories and experiences, which most of us do a lot of the time, the more separate we feel. Freedom is not so much about getting what you want in life and more about being centred in the place within that is Free. The place within that is already whole and perfect. Then living through the ups and downs of life from that place. Yet the more we align with our inner freedom and clear what pulls us from it, the more our physical life generally aligns with that inner freedom and we manifest lives that reflect the inner feelings of freedom, joy and wholeness.

The deeper intent of healing is to create enough inner space from our issues and enough self awareness so we can begin to shift or 'awaken' out of a reality that is constantly coloured by our issues and stories to one where we experience the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature. Then when our issues do arise, we are able to meet them, but not get pulled into the trance that we are them. When we can see our issues as our issues, we are much more able to make conscious choices in life from a place of truth and wisdom. We are much more able to perceive and live from the magic and freedom that is the essence of life.