Type of session

  • One to one healing sessions
  • Distant healings
  • Distant Group healings
  • Healing/harmonising situations
  • Clearing spaces and houses



One to one sessions

In these sessions we can work directly together in person. These sessions are particularly useful for people that want to work through their emotional issues in a more cathartic manner. I work from Glastonbury, Somerset.

      Distant Sessions

Distant Healing is performed when the client is not physically present. It is possible because everything is really connected. We may feel separate, but we are connected to all of life and are part of a web of life. As such, if through my intention I energetically connect to a client and I intend to channel energy, the energies are bridged through the connectedness to the client.

Due to the level of my training within VortexHealing, nearly all the tools I use work just as effectively at a distance. There is also the advantage of being able to receive these sessions in the comfort of your own home and not having to travel. I initially connect with clients over the phone or by Skype. Once the consultation period is complete, I send the healing and then we check in again at the end of the session. 

Distant Group VortexHealing® Sessions

I offer a distant group VortexHealing session every Sunday evening from 7-8pm. You receive this in your own home. I will need a photo of you and you will need to sit, or preferably lie down, in order to receive the maximum benefit of this. These sessions focus on relaxing and then strengthening and optimising the energy system, where ever it is most needed. This will include working on the Chakras and the Chakra system, the energy pathways including the Meridian system and the energetic bodies.

Harmonising situations

In the second level of VortexHealing called ‘Magical structures’, we learn to work with ‘Merlin’s Global Healing Grid’.  Any situation can be put into the Global Healing Grid, such as disharmony in a relationship, a family, a business or an organisation. The grid will then work on this situation aligning it with higher truth and higher intention, so that whatever is out of this alignment can shift. Think of a situation emitting a frequency of sound that is discordant. The grid will begin to harmonise this and 'tune' the discordance. As it does so, the physical manifestation of the situation will move towards harmony.

Clearing houses and spaces

Many cultures recognise the importance of having clear and flowing energies in a house or a space. The most well known being the Chinese system of Feng Shui. Whatever happens in a space or house leaves a imprint  there, which will begin to build up over time. You don’t have to be psychic to recognise this. We all have the experience of walking into a room or a house and either feeling a sense of peace and well being or feeling on edge. Emotions imprint on space very strongly. If someone is depressed then the imprint of that depression builds up in a space.  If they started to move out of their depression, the imprint in the space would make it harder to do so, it is like a groove that life has habitually occupied.

People also feel the energy of space when they move into a new house or flat. At first it doesn't necessarily feel like their home, because they are living in someone else's energy, but over time their own energy builds up there and then it will feel like their home.

Clearing a space or house, is like clearing the canvas of whatever has gone on there before, it is amazing what a lightness and spaciousness can be felt after a space is cleared. It can totally change the way we feel in relation to a space, and the authentic movement of life is much more easily able to move through. A clear space helps us to live much more in the present, as we are less influenced by the past. Space clearing can be performed at a distance.

Through the Earth works VortexHealing classes, I am able to open Divine Doors and Temples that can manifest different qualities into spaces or buildings such as peace, harmony,joy etc. 

" James opened a Divine Door for us in our humble city home. Friends and strangers frequently comment on how warm, creative and calming the energy is within our house. One friend calls it ‘the church’ and it is recognized as a house of healing by many of our switched on friends.  J. S.- Actor , London