James grew up in a small village near Glastonbury, Somerset. In his mid-teens he became interested in spirituality and shamanism. He read many books on the subjects, and although he didn't understand all that he read, the essence of the teachings and stories touched him, they nourished his heart and began to awaken the sense of life being much more than just the physical world and experience that he had grown up in and been conditioned by. There was the inner knowing of an unseen wisdom and power working through life and having grown up with the Star Wars Movies, he simply called this 'The Force'. 

Despite growing in spiritual knowledge, he started to party hard through college and then university. He graduated in 2000 with a 2.1 Bsc (hons) in Geography and Environmental Management and his intention was to have a career in Environmentalism. But he felt anxious, depressed and completely exhausted. How he had been living his life didn't reflect the spiritual knowledge that he had gained, he was living unconsciously and suffering a great deal because of it. He knew that there was another way to live life...less from the unconscious ego and more from the wisdom of the heart... and that he needed to shift to a path that reflected this. So in 2001, he set off on a year long trip around Asia, mostly in India.  He started to practice yoga, meditation and Reiki, he cleaned up his diet, stopped drinking alcohol, quit smoking and he met and talked with many inspiring people. It ignited a fire and aliveness in him like nothing he had ever known and that has stayed with him to this day.

On his return home in 2002, he began a three year diploma course with The School of Energy Healing, which was founded by a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the USA. He learnt many healing techniques, including healing the inner child, past life regression and relationship healing. He learnt that being present with someone and guiding them to become present with what they are going through and feeling is an integral part of the healing process. Upon his graduation, he was invited to teach on the professional training and he taught the third year of the School for four years.                        

In 2005, James met Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as Amma or the hugging saint and in 2007 he made his first trip to her ashram in Kerala, Southern India. He has been there every winter since, for up to 3 months at a time and has also gone on a good number of her north and south Indian tours. Whilst with her he would spend many hours every day doing spiritual practice.

However, more recently there has been a dissolving of ' the devotee' and the desire to be near Amma's physical form has mostly fallen away.  A deep integration has happened, but also a fundamental breaking down of his spiritual identity and his beliefs and ideas about spirituality. This has made it easier to be in life and to sense the Divine in all of life, as the essence of life and in each and everyone. His meditation practice now is to simply notice the Divinity within and to keep dropping deeper into that. 

In 2006 James began to study VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing and he works with Merlin’s Grace and The Universal AP, the most advanced tools. This path is full of Divine gifts of healing, transformation and awakening. It is a magical adventure and resonates with him more than anything else he has encountered. It's central now to his own path and how he works as a healer. 

He always felt a natural affinity with body work and massage, so in 2013 studied Holistic Massage with an ITEC affiliated college and passed with distinction. He also studied Deep tissue Massage and Unwinding the Fascia.

Due to emotional traumas and deep karmic issues, James has spent much of his life out of his body and he continues to work with the Divine to transform that which he is avoiding in his body and emotional reality. As he continues to move through his issues, there is a definite sense of becoming more grounded and present in the body and open to his humanness. "If there is an intent to heal and transform, then life will give us all that we need to do this, exactly when we need it" says James, as this has been his direct experience.  James continues to have challenges, but he is increasingly able to meet them from a place that knows they are his experience, not who he is. Since he has been on his healing path, the most challenging times have also been some of the most transformational. 

About 10 years ago, James started singing and learnt to play the guitar. He is passionate about helping other people connect to their creativity and feels it is vital to our overall health and wellbeing - for the inner child to play and have fun. He also enjoys yoga, dancing, cooking and watching good movies.